Jessica - Health & Social Care

"I started Shape on Career Pathways to do my Level 2 English and Maths, the career path I wanted to take was Dental Nursing but unfortunately I did not achieve my Maths in time to start the Dental Nursing programme. With help from my advisor I decided to go down the Health & Social Care career path instead. Once I started learning about Care I really enjoyed it and completed my Maths and English Level 2. I finished my Level 2 Health and Social Care and I am now employed full time in Elizabeth House. I have nearly finished my Level 3 which I have really enjoyed working towards, I eventually want to go to university and progress into nursing."

Shape Success _ Melissa

Connor - Dental Nursing

"Dentistry was always a career I wanted to go into but had a change of mind when I wasn't very successful at sixth form. However, thanks to Shape Training they allowed me to do something I've always wanted to do. They offered excellent support throughout my time there which helped me qualify in just over a year. I worked 34 and a half hours a week at my placement, Yarm Lane Dental Surgery, and studied for 2 hours every Thursday night at Shape. I liked the fact that I was treated like an adult and not a student which made the learning more enjoyable. I achieved a Diploma in Dental Nursing which was needed to allow me to get into university. I'm currently still at my placement which I gained through Shape Training and now Iím thinking about going on to do Dental Hygiene Therapy at university."

Shape Success _ Melissa

Daniel Huckerby - Career Pathways

"I have been on placement at Creation Driveways since August 2013, I am really enjoying it and have learnt a lot. I am treated as a valued member of the team and work 5 days per week. I hope to progress into employment in this area, so I am happy I have had this experience which Shape organised. Although I am a young father I have had excellent attendance and time keeping at placement and Shape. When I started Shape I was quite shy and lacked confidence but I have grown immensely thanks to the support at Shape and Iím now ready for the next stage of my career."

Shape Success _ Melissa

Flair - Childcare

"I came to Shape with very low confidence levels, which I built up on the Career Pathways programme and worked on a Level 1 Childcare qualification. I was then able to progress onto the Level 2 Childcare programme. I gained experience in a placement and continued to build my confidence. This helped me to secure employment allowing me to progress onto the level 3 advanced apprenticeship. During my time as an advanced apprentice I took on a very proactive role as a practitioner with in my placement, becoming a valued member of the team. I have now completed my Level 3 and secured employment."

Shape Success _ Melissa

Melissa - Health & Social Care

"I really enjoyed my time at Shape, the support I received from the staff was excellent. Thanks to the support from Shape I completed my Level 2 qualification in 1 year. I worked 24 hours a week at my placement Loxley Chase Residential Home and attended training 6 hours a week at Shape.

I am now a qualified Care Assistant working at Loxley Chase and have started to work towards my Level 3. In the future I hope to become a nurse."

Shape Success _ Melissa

Almass - Dental Nursing

"I always knew I wanted to be involved in a career which had a caring element. When I read about Dental Nursing I felt this would be the ideal career for me. I received a great deal of support throughout my training from staff and other learners. The staff at Shape were always available if I needed any help. I also received a great deal of information about career prospects.

Now I have completed my Level 3 at Shape, I am preparing to begin a Dental Sedation course at university. In the future I hope to become a Dental Therapist."

Shape Success _ Almass

Liam - Career Pathways

"I have absolutely loved my time at Shape, I'm going to miss it loads. Whilst at Shape I made some great friends. I really enjoyed my time on the residential at Peat Rigg, I would love to go back there. Everyone at Shape has been very supportive, built my confidence and helped me achieve my goal of becoming a Business Admin Apprentice."

Shape Success _ Liam

Jade - Childcare

"After school I was unsure what career path I wanted to take. I applied to Shape as I heard about the support they give to help you decide on a career. My trainer at Shape helped me decide on a career in Childcare and suggested I worked towards my Maths Level 1 Key Skill to improve my GCSE grade. I also started the Level 1 Childcare qualification. Completing this allowed me to progress on to the Level 2 Childcare Apprenticeship. Throughout my Level 2 I spent 4 days a week gaining practical experience in the Pavilion working with 2-14 year olds. I was really happy when I completed my Level 2 and progressed onto the level 3 Childcare Apprenticeship. Once I complete my Level 3 I would like to work full time in a Childcare setting. I would not be where I am now without the help from Shape."

Shape Success _ Jade

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